Are Bananas Healthy for Dogs?

Yes. Bananas are healthy for dogs if served in small quantities.

Bananas are a relatively healthy snack for your dog but must be eaten in moderation, due to their high sugar and potassium content.

The best way to serve a banana to your dog is to completely peel the banana and chop it up into bite-size pieces.

Your dog will likely love bananas but don’t be tempted to feed them too much, as you could end up with a nasty mess to clear up – not to mention your dog suffering discomfort.

Bananas contain many beneficial nutrients including antioxidants, fibre, vitamins B6, C & potassium.

Can dogs have banana peels?

If your dog eats a whole banana, with the skin still on – don’t worry too much.

No parts of a banana are toxic to dogs, this includes the peel.

Your dog could still have stomach issues though and may even vomit it up. This is usually due to the peel being hard to digest.

Keep an eye on them and speak to your vet should you have any concerns.

In future, ensure your dog only eats peeled and sliced bananas. This is the best way to serve them.

How much banana can I give my dog?

This is obviously breed and age dependant, but as a general rule of thumb, larger breeds should only eat up to one half of a banana within a 24-hour period, with a smaller breed’s quota at around 1-2 thin slices.

Use your judgement and reduce your dog’s intake if they have any issues.

Your vet should be able to give you accurate portion sizes for your dog if you require them.

Can I feed my dog banana every day?

How often can dogs eat bananas?

It’s not advisable to feed your dog banana every day. They contain high amounts of potassium as well as sugar. Keep it to a one-off treat, perhaps once or twice a week at most.

Can puppies eat bananas?

Although adult dogs can eat bananas in moderation, puppies need to follow a strict diet.

You should therefore check with your vet to see if bananas are appropriate at your dog’s current stage of development.


So, are bananas healthy for dogs???

A small amount of fresh banana is generally fine for your dog to eat, as long as you keep it to a sensible portion and make sure to peel and slice before serving.

Avoid things like banana pudding or banana chips, as these are not great for dogs and can cause digestive issues.

Mix your dog treats up and do not feed them the same snacks every day. This goes for banana as well.

A little every so often is the way to go.

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Related FAQ’s

Can dogs have banana chips?

Although a few banana chips will not generally cause too much of a problem, they are not recommended for dogs.

Banana chips usually contain added sugar or sweeteners, as well as other undesirable ingredients which are not good for your dog.

As a general rule, avoid feeding your dog any dried fruits, including bananas, as they can cause stomach upset in the short term, as well as increasing the chances of issues such as diabetes and obesity in the future.

Stick to peeled and sliced fresh banana.

Can dogs have banana pudding?

Not really. Your dog will likely try and persuade you otherwise, but they should not be eating any human foods such as banana pudding, due to the extra ingredients, which usually include things like sugar and salt, both of which are not recommended.

Stick to plain, fresh bananas.

What fruits can dogs eat? What fruits can dogs not eat?

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Can a dog eat a banana for an upset stomach?

There is a rumour that bananas will settle a dog’s stomach, but there is no research to confirm this and you could potentially be making things worse.

If your dog’s digestive issues do not improve after 24 hours, speak to your vet for further advice.

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