At What Age Does a Vizsla Calm Down?

The Vizsla is a high-energy and excitable breed. Like other breeds, this can cause problems if their behaviour isn’t controlled and managed correctly.

Generally, Vizslas will calm down as they age.

Vizslas are a strong hunting breed and require lots of exercise.

They need to be taken for walks daily and should have a place to run around outside, such as a large backyard or dog-friendly park.

When the Vizsla is indoors, it will want to play and get attention from its owners.

It is essential to ensure that the Vizsla gets enough exercise and attention throughout the day to avoid any behaviour issues arising from boredom.

A tired dog isn’t a problem dog, and this breed needs lots of stimulation and activities during the day or will find something on its own to entertain itself.

Are all Vizslas hyper?

No, but most are very high-energy.

Vizslas were bred to hunt all day long and be by their owner’s side no matter what was going on, so they are very energetic and don’t like to be alone.

Vizslas are indeed enthusiastic, but many can live happily in a home without destroying it with incessant barking, digging, and chewing.

An essential part of raising all dogs is socializing them with different kinds of people, animals, situations, and environments.

This helps them understand how they are supposed to behave. Some Vizslas need a lot of socialization while others do not.

What are Vizsla Zoomies?

Vizsla Zoomies are when a Vizsla gets so excited about an activity, such as going to the dog park or on a walk that they begin running (speeding) around and acting crazy.

This usually ends with them crashing into walls or furniture due to their excitement.

They do this for the sheer fun of it!

What age is a Vizsla fully grown?

So, what age is a Vizsla fully grown? This question has two answers:

  • When fully grown physically.
  • When the dog is mature.

Vizslas are fully grown physically by the age of two. To determine if a dog is mature, it must be examined to see if it has developed mentally and emotionally.

The dog’s behaviour usually determines this, but sometimes a veterinarian or a trainer can help evaluate your dog’s mental and emotional development – should you really want to know!

Male and female dogs both go through a period called adolescence (just like us) that starts at about six months old and ends when they become mature, this is usually by the time they reach 18 months old.

During this time, dogs will go through several changes, both physically and emotionally.

There isn’t a cut-off age for when the Vizsla breed is considered mature since it differs between dogs. Some Vizslas can be mature at six months old, while others aren’t mature until they are over two years old.

Most importantly, dogs need to mature mentally before they are considered fully grown. This means that their behaviour is comfortable and consistent with an adult dog.

Are male or female Vizsla better?

There is no evidence to show either sex is superior to the other when it comes to Vizslas.

As with all breeds, you should consider what you want from your dog and choose accordingly.

If you are looking to have puppies down the line, then a female is the obvious choice.

If not and you are prepared for a bit more of a testosterone-fueled doggy, then a boy might be a good choice for you.

Generally speaking, bitches will need to be spayed and dogs (males) will need to be neutered down the line.

You should 100% seek advice from your vet on this though.

How do you mentally stimulate a Vizsla?

The Vizsla is a hunting dog, considered one of the most intelligent breeds.

This breed can learn how to sit, stay and come on command quickly and easily, but they require mental stimulation to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Training your Vizsla new tricks or showing them that you are an intellectual equal would be a great way to stimulate their minds through exercise and learning new things.

Another option is to engage in sports, such as hunting or field trial competitions.

These mentally challenging activities require your Vizsla to consistently focus for extended periods, making it a great way to activate their brains.

How hard are Vizslas to train?

Trainability combines intelligence, receptivity to training, willingness, focus, and perseverance.

It can be challenging to measure in an individual dog because each dog’s performance will vary based on the motivation for the task and their physical and mental state at any given time during training or testing.

That being said, most Vizslas will train efficiently and be a joy to work with.

However, a few will require more time and effort to become reliable companion dogs.

When training a Vizsla, it is essential to remember that they are susceptible dogs. As such, harsh corrections should be avoided at all costs.

It is advisable to train using positive reinforcement techniques and prevent punishment or reprimand. This will only lead to confusion for the dog and may lose confidence or desire to work.

Firmness, patience, and a friendly but confident attitude towards your dog will usually go a long way when working with this breed.

Remember that each Vizsla is an individual, so it may take longer for some to train than others.

Are Vizslas suitable for first-time owners?

Yes, Vizslas are an excellent choice for first-time owners. They are friendly and easy to train, but they’re also very independent and stubborn at times.

Training must be done in a firm yet gentle manner while being patient and consistent because these dogs can get easily distracted if the training becomes boring.

As with all breeds, Vizslas require early socialization. They’re intelligent dogs known to be good at training in obedience and agility competitions.

Vizslas need lots of exercises to get bored quickly if left alone indoors for long periods. Also, these dogs will suffer from separation anxiety if not given enough attention and training.

Vizslas love to go for walks, and they’re very active dogs, so their owners must be prepared to give them a lot of physical and mental stimulation, or these canines will become destructive and injure themselves in the process.

Vizslas need a minimum of an hour per day to exercise, whether running, playing, or even swimming.

Ideally speaking though, you need to be taking them out for 2 x 30 minute walks a day at a minimum.

These guys have a lot of energy to burn!

While these dogs are intelligent, independent, and stubborn, they can be easily trained if owners are firm, consistent, patient and kind.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a family dog or an exceptional hunter, the Vizsla is an excellent choice.

These dogs are well-known for their intelligence and high trainability.

They usually form very strong bonds with their owners and follow them everywhere they go.

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