Can Dogs Eat Boiled Shrimp?

Yes, dogs can eat boiled shrimp, but you need to prepare them correctly.

You’re probably familiar with what foods you should never feed your dog, like grapes, macadamia nuts, or chocolate.

You may even be keeping a running tab of the foods that don’t personally agree with your pup – because an upset stomach is never fun!

But when it comes to seafood, you and your dog may be in new territory. 

The good news is that shrimp is perfectly safe for dogs to eat when cooked thoroughly and served in moderation.

If you are feeding your dog boiled shrimp, make sure that the shells and tails have been removed before serving.

When boiling – or poaching, the internal temperature should reach at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit (63 degrees C) to ensure best food safety practices.

In practice, you probably aren’t going to stick a thermometer into each shrimp – but you will know they are cooked when they turn a pinky-white (shrimp) colour.

The video below shows a pretty decent cooking process, just leave out the stock and keep it plain.

Remember, always exercise caution when introducing your pet to a new food.

Are shrimp shells bad for dogs?

If you choose to feed your dog boiled shrimp, make sure you have thoroughly peeled, cleaned, and cooked the shrimp.

Consuming shrimp shells is not safe for dogs as the shells can damage – or inflame – your dog’s digestive system.

Similar to consuming cooked chicken or fish bones, shrimp tails can cause a choking hazard or splinter, causing internal injuries. 

Ensure you fully remove the shell and tail – and don’t forget to devein.

Start by feeding your dog small portions in the case of an adverse reaction. 

Can shrimp hurt dogs?

Shrimp is not inherently toxic to dogs but carries several risk factors that you should consider before feeding it to your pet.

Shrimp is generally safe once cooked, shelled, and deveined, but it’s not a guarantee.

Since shrimp can cause an allergic reaction or adverse effect in some dogs, always start with supervised small portions. 

Remember that shrimp can cause serious harm when not cooked or shelled thoroughly.

Potential injury includes, but is not limited to, airway blockage, bowel blockage, splintering, GI tract irritation, and internal bleeding.

If your dog is having a negative reaction, contact your vet for further advice. 

Can dogs eat shrimp tails?

Much like shrimp shells, shrimp tails are not safe for dog consumption.

Shrimp tails can block, puncture, or further damage your dog’s digestive system.

All shrimp given to your dog should be cleaned, boiled until opaque in colour (not see-through), and devoid of any shell or tail.

What to do if your dog eats shrimp tails?

Shrimp tails are not harmful to humans, but can potentially obstruct an airway or irritate their gastrointestinal tract.

If your dog has accidentally eaten shrimp tails, monitor your dog closely.

If you suspect a blockage in your dog’s airway or digestive tract, contact your vet immediately.

Even if your dog appears to be fine, a shrimp tail can later cause a bowel obstruction.

Consult your veterinarian for advice and treatment.

Can dogs eat canned shrimp?

Since canned shrimp has been cooked and shelled (check this), it’s usually perfectly safe for your dog to eat in moderation.

With canned shrimp– as with other tinned fish like tuna or salmon– check the packaging to make sure that the shrimp is packed in water and not oil or salt.

Canned shrimp is a great option if you don’t have time to thoroughly clean and devein your shrimp.

Can dogs eat breaded shrimp?

Your dog can have a little breaded shrimp as a treat, but don’t make a habit of it.

Fried shrimp is generally safe for your dog to eat but beware of the added grease and oil, which can upset your dog’s stomach.

If you give your dog a few breaded shrimp, remember to limit the amount of fried food for the rest of the week. 

Can dogs eat boiled prawns?

Prawns are safe for your dog to eat, as long as they’re fully cooked and without the shell.

As well as shrimp, prawns are considered a complete protein and packed with amino acids, minerals and carry several benefits for your pet.

When fed as a part of a balanced canine diet, boiled prawns can help with muscle development, metabolism maintenance, and immune system function.

How much shrimp can my dog eat?

Like most things, only feed cooked shrimp to your dog in moderation.

The amount that’s right for your dog will depend on several factors and should be adjusted accordingly.

How large the shrimp are, along with how large your dog is, will determine how much your dog can safely consume.

Dried prawns can be a great treat replacement for dogs, but keep in mind that these are much more potent and use sparingly. 

Is shrimp bad for dogs?

Although shrimp can be a beneficial addition to your dog’s diet, there are several factors to consider before feeding shrimp to your dog.

Shrimp contains vitamins and minerals like B12, calcium, selenium, and iron, but the risks can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

Shrimp is high in cholesterol and sodium and large amounts can lead to dehydration or sodium poisoning.

If the shrimp still has any outer portion attached– such as the tail, shell, or head– it could pose a choking hazard or potential injury risk to your pup.

What’s more, if the shrimp is not fully cooked, your dog could ingest parasites or bacteria that could make them sick.

Before feeding your dog shrimp, check that the shrimp have not been cooked in garlic, onion, or other herbs that could be an irritant to your dog’s system.


So, can dogs eat boiled shrimp?

Yes, when prepared correctly, shrimp can be an incredible source of protein in your dog’s diet.

Cooked shrimp is perfectly safe for your pup and has countless nutritional benefits– think vitamin D, B12, and iron.

Plus, it’s low in both saturated fat and calories, making it a great choice for a dog on a diet. 

To safely prepare boiled shrimp for your dog, check cleanliness, temperature, and choking hazards:

  • Make sure that you’ve carefully cleaned your shellfish.
  • Boil, poach or steam the shrimp until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit (63 degrees C) and the shrimps become opaque.
  • Remove the shell, head, and tail, then use a knife to remove the vein.

Boiled, fresh shrimp, that has been prepared this way, should be perfectly safe for your dog to eat.

Remember, shrimp and any other similar foods should be fed to dogs in moderation. You must also keep an eye out for any food allergies.

Don’t make any major dietary changes to your dog’s diet without first consulting your vet and always contact them if you have any concerns.

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