Is celery safe for dogs to eat?

Yes, celery is safe for dogs to eat.

It can form part of a healthy, low-calorie diet and has the added benefit of helping to freshen your dog’s breath in the process.

Celery can be tough to eat, especially raw, so make sure you chop it up into small chunks and serve one or two at a time.

If it’s your dog’s first time eating this crunchy vegetable, start very small and let your dog digest it to see how it sits.

Is celery good for a dog?

Celery and other vegetables do not form part of a dog’s natural diet.

However, a small amount of fruit and vegetables are considered safe for dogs to eat and provide additional nutrition on top of their regular diet.

Along with some other dog-friendly fruits and vegetables, celery is considered safe for dogs to eat in small quantities, providing you serve it correctly.

Celery contains:

  • Vitamins: A, B, C & K
  • Minerals: zinc, sodium, potassium, manganese & copper.
  • Plus – fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

So it’s a bit of a superfood really!!!

Can dogs have raw celery?

Yes, you can feed your dog raw celery.

This is the best way to go if you’re looking to freshen your dog’s breath.

Raw celery tends to be tougher to eat, so make sure it’s chopped up into bite-size pieces.

Can dogs eat cooked celery?

Yes, dogs can eat cooked celery and can generally digest this better than raw. Allow to cool before serving.

Does celery give dogs diarrhea?

It can if your dog eats too much, especially if raw.

As with most vegetables, dogs cannot easily digest large amounts of plant matter, as their stomach is not designed to do so.

Excess amounts can lead to digestive upset, including wind, bloating and diarrhea.

Keep the portion sizes small and reduce the amounts further (or altogether) if your dog has any issues with celery.

Can celery kill dogs?

It’s unlikely unless they choked on it of course! This risk is present with all foods though and not unique to celery.

Always cut foods like this up into small bite-size pieces and supervise.

Can dogs eat celery leaves?

Yes, dogs can eat celery leaves, as well as the stalk.

The leaves have a higher chance of pesticides being present, but as long as you wash the celery thoroughly before serving, there should have no issues.

You can also go down the organic route if you have pesticide concerns, but this obviously costs a bit more and you should wash the celery regardless.

What about puppies?

The advice on this page is for adult dogs only.

Generally speaking, puppies should avoid foods such as this until they are older, due to the choking risk, and the fact that they can’t as easily digest foods such as celery.

Speak to your vet for advice if you’re unsure.


Your dog should be able to eat a small amount of celery without any issues, whether it be raw or cooked.

Don’t feed your dog whole celery stalks. Chop these up into manageable chunks for your dog.

For more info on what your dog can and can’t eat, including vegetables such as cucumber, cauliflower and carrots – see our dedicated section, where we give you the full rundown.

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Related FAQ’s

Is celery toxic to dogs?

No, celery is considered a safe vegetable for dogs to eat, as long as it has been thoroughly washed.

As with all new foods though, start small and build up.

Can dogs have celery juice?

It’s not advisable to give your dog celery juice to drink, due to the high amounts of celery contained in it.

This goes for most vegetables that dogs can eat. Too much can cause stomach upset and juices/smoothies contain a lot.

Keep the juices for you!