Can Dogs Eat Lemons?

Dogs can technically eat a small amount of lemon, but they won’t generally think much of it!

It’s also likely to upset their stomach due to it being mildly toxic. It’s, therefore, best avoided.

You should not intentionally feed raw lemon to your dog, even for the comedy factor. It will likely give your dog an upset stomach. 

Lemons have citric acid in them as well as compounds such as psoralen and aromatic oils.

None of these are great for your dog and are toxic.

For the most part, dogs will stay well clear of lemons and other citrus fruits as they just don’t like them.

Dogs have evolved to avoid bitter tastes like this, as the food could be poisonous or rancid. This is a survival mechanism.

Other citrus fruits that are bad for dogs include limes and grapefruit.

Can dogs eat limes?

No. Limes, just like lemons are not recommended for dogs.

Similar to lemons, dogs can technically eat a small amount of lime, but it’s not advised and they won’t like it.

Your dog will likely reject them anyway.

Limes contain linalool and limonene which are essential oils. These are known to be toxic to dogs and it’s therefore best that you don’t let your dog eat them.

Lime trees themselves also contain psoralens, which are a phototoxic compound and therefore you should be careful to keep your dog away from these if you have any in your back garden etc.

What to do if your dog eats a lemon

In small amounts, your dog should be completely fine. They may get an upset stomach though!!!

If you think your dog has eaten a larger amount, and you are worried about it, contact your vet for advice.

What happens if dogs eat lemon?

If it’s a small amount, your dog should be fine. An upset stomach is the most common side effect.

If you are worried, speak to your vet.

Can lemons kill dogs?

Lemons are mildly toxic to dogs and not good for them.

They are unlikely to kill a dog though unless they choked on one.

Why does my dog like lemon?

Dogs do not generally like the taste of lemon. Your dog may like playing with the fruit, just like they would any other toy or interesting article.

There is a bit of a craze on YouTube with videos of dogs playing with lemons, which the RSPCA have warned against doing, due to the toxicity issue.

For example:

Can dogs eat lemon juice?

No. Do not give your dog lemon juice. They won’t like it and it isn’t good for them.

Lemon juice contains citric acid and other compounds that can upset your dog’s stomach.

Can dogs eat lemon cake?

Dogs should not be eating cake in general, but the more greedy breeds won’t exactly say no.

A small piece of lemon cake is unlikely to hurt, but don’t make it a regular thing.

As ever, you should avoid feeding dogs human food and keep to a trusted dog food brand that provides a balanced diet.

Can dogs eat lemon curd?

No. Dogs should not eat lemon curd. The lemon, as well as the sugar etc, is not what dogs should be eating and risks a tummy upset.

They may find lemon curd more palatable, as it has a higher sugar content. This doesn’t mean they should have it though.

Can dogs eat lemon peels?

No. Lemon peel should not be fed to dogs.

Can dogs eat lemon sorbet?

No. Dogs should not be fed lemon sorbet. The lemon, as well as the sugar etc, is not what dogs should be eating and risks a tummy upset.

Can dogs lick lemons?

They can, but they won’t enjoy it. Dogs shouldn’t be given lemons to eat or lick.


Don’t try and give your dog lemon. They won’t like it and it’s not good for them.

There are plenty of foods that dogs can eat. See our articles here.