Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

Yes, dogs can eat mushrooms, as long as they are the standard store-bought variety that have been deemed fit for human consumption.

This includes varieties such as button, white, porcini, shitake and portobello.

Generally speaking, if they are safe for you, they are safe for your dog.

These are the only type you should feed your dog.

Do not let your dog eat wild mushrooms unless you can positively identify them, as they could be poisonous.

Can dogs eat cooked mushrooms?

Yes, cooked mushrooms are safe to eat as long as they are of the edible type.

If you do cook them for your dog, the best way is to boil or grill them with nothing added. Allow to cool before serving.

Dogs should not consume cooking oil or anything else that you might cook mushrooms with.

This includes common accompaniments such as garlic, butter, onions, salt, pepper etc – all of which are not good for your dog.

Keep it simple and serve the mushrooms plain.

Are mushrooms good for dogs?

Mushrooms are considered a healthy snack for dogs as long as you follow the above advice.

Any mushrooms that are deemed edible and safe for dogs are considered to be a nutritious meal for your pooch, providing they are prepared correctly.

They contain many nutrients that can be beneficial to your dog’s overall health.

These include:

Vitamins: thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), folate (B9) & D.

Minerals: selenium and phosphorous

Edible mushrooms are also low in sugar, low calorie and contain a good source of plant-based protein.

Are mushrooms toxic to dogs?

Can mushrooms make dogs sick? – It depends.

The mushrooms that you buy in the grocery store, that are deemed fit for human consumption, have been grown in a controlled environment and are a known, edible and safe variety.

These are not toxic to dogs and are safe to eat as long as you prepare them correctly and feed to your dog in sensible quantities.

On the other hand, just as you have to be ultra-careful with any unidentified wild mushroom, dogs can eat varieties that are incredibly toxic, which can lead to poisoning and in some cases, death.

This is a particular risk when your dog is outside and off the lead when mushrooms are around (usually fall/autumn), so keep an extra watchful eye on them if they are the type to gobble up random things.

If you have any concerns, speak to your vet immediately.


Providing you have purchased store-bought mushrooms, that are for human consumption, you can be relatively sure that these are also safe for your dog to eat.

Make sure you keep them plain though and either boil or grill them with nothing added. Serve to your dog in small quantities and you should be fine.

Related FAQ’s

Can dogs eat shiitake mushrooms?

Yes, dogs can eat Shitake mushrooms. These contain many health benefits, just like they do for us humans.

Can dogs eat mushrooms soup?

No. Although edible mushrooms are generally safe for your dog, anything processed such as mushroom soup is best avoided.

This is due to the other added ingredients, such as cream, sugar and salt, along with other big no no’s such as onion and garlic.

Can dogs eat portabello mushrooms?

Yes. Portobello mushrooms are considered safe for your dog to eat as long as they are served plain and without any ingredients such as onion or garlic.

Can dogs eat mushrooms from the grocery store?

Yes. As long as the mushrooms are deemed fit for human consumption (as all grocery store mushrooms will be) then your dog will be able to eat these.

Follow the relevant advice in this article for preparation.

Can dogs eat mushrooms from pizza?

As long as the mushrooms on the pizza are of the safe variety, which they pretty much always are, then yes, dogs can technically eat mushrooms off a pizza.

The problem is that the mushrooms are usually covered in sauce and other ingredients which aren’t so good for your dog.

They are therefore generally best avoided.

In reality, if your dog eats a few, it’s unlikely to do them any harm unless they have a sensitive stomach, just don’t make it a regular thing.

Note – if you have any concerns about mushrooms poisoning or any other health-related matter, get expert advice immediately.