Can Labradors Eat Carrots?

Can Labradors Eat Carrots

The simple answer is YES. Labradors can eat carrots (as can other dogs). They are actually very good for them and for their teeth.  Are carrots good for Labradors? Yes, carrots are very good for Labradors. They are high in fibre and contain lots of beta-carotene and vitamin A, both powerful antioxidants and immune boosters. … Read more

Is celery safe for dogs to eat?

Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Yes, celery is safe for dogs to eat. It can form part of a healthy, low-calorie diet and has the added benefit of helping to freshen your dog’s breath in the process. Celery can be tough to eat, especially raw, so make sure you chop it up into small chunks and serve one or two … Read more

Can Dogs Have Frozen Blueberries?

Can dogs have frozen blueberries

Yes, dogs can have frozen blueberries in small quantities. They are a nutritious treat that can be stored in the freezer for both you and your dog. They are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including flavonoids which are thought to have many benefits for canine health. Are frozen blueberries good for dogs? Yes, … Read more