Can Labradors Eat Carrots?

Can Labradors Eat Carrots

The simple answer is YES. Labradors can eat carrots (as can other dogs). They are actually very good for them and for their teeth.  Are carrots good for Labradors? Yes, carrots are very good for Labradors. They are high in fibre and contain lots of beta-carotene and vitamin A, both powerful antioxidants and immune boosters. … Read more

Can Chocolate Labradors be Guide Dogs?

Can chocolate Labradors be guide dogs - Two chocolate labradors laying down

Yes, Chocolate Labradors can be guide dogs, but it’s quite rare. I found a comprehensive answer as to why on the Guide Dogs for the Blind website (GDB) ‘While most Labradors from GDB are either black or yellow, GDB does have dogs in our breeding colony that carry the gene for chocolate, and occasionally chocolate … Read more

How often should Labradors be bathed?

How often should Labradors be bathed?

Generally, Labradors do not need to be bathed more than once a month. Labradors definitely do not need to be bathed once a week! Labradors hail from Newfoundland and were used by fishermen to jump into icy waters to retrieve fish. This ancestry means that their coats are thick (double layer) for warmth, as well … Read more

Can Labradors Swim Naturally?

Can Labradors swim naturally

Can Labradors swim naturally? Maybe. It really depends on your dog. There is an assumption that Labradors are some of the best swimmers in the canine world and love being in the water. This then leads to expectations over the personalities and abilities of our dogs. Is this label justified? Are Labradors natural swimmers or … Read more