Irish Names for Dogs and Their Meanings

Searching for the best Irish names for dogs and their meanings? Let us help…

Just to be very clear, you don’t need to be Irish to give your dog one of their many unique names.

A lot of Americans and Brits do indeed have some form of Irish connection and may want to name their dog in homage to that, but if you don’t, there’s nothing stopping you from going with one of these cool and creative pet names.

It’s your dog – so name them as you choose.

Anyhow, you don’t want the same name as every other dog in the neighbourhood. Be a bit different!

Below is a list of our favourite Irish dog names.

You may want to choose a name by choosing a meaning that relates to your puppy, such as its colour or temperament.

Irish girl dog names and meanings

  • Molly – of the sea
  • Riley – courageous
  • Fiona – white, fair
  • Annabelle – loving
  • Nola – white shoulder
  • Kayla – fair
  • Anna – splendour, radiance
  • Kylie – graceful or beautiful
  • Reagan – impulsive
  • Claire – clear, bright, famous
  • Kaylee – slender, fair
  • Tara – rocky hill

Irish boy dog names and meanings

  • Austin – great or magnificent
  • Murphy – hound of the sea
  • Shamrock – plant that is the symbol of Ireland
  • Finley – fair-haired hero
  • Conor or Connor – lover of wolves
  • Anlon – champion
  • Declan – full of goodness
  • Eamon – wealthy protector
  • Brody – from the muddy place
  • Clancy – red warrior
  • Seamus – supplanter
  • Quigley – unruly hair
  • Conan – little wolf
  • Rogan – red haired
  • Flynn – son of the red-haired one
  • Sullivan – black-eyed one
  • Sorley – summer traveller
  • Owen – young warrior
  • Patrick – St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland
  • Riley – courageous
  • Felan – wolf
  • Phelan – joyful
  • Logan – descendant of the warrior
  • Griffin – descendant of the Griffin-like
  • Lorcan – little wild one
  • Finn – fair or white
  • Liam – shortened from William meaning strong-willed warrior
  • Madigan – little dog
  • Kevin – handsome
  • Kane – little battler
  • Elroy – red-haired youth
  • Bran – raven
  • Cael – slender
  • Kieran – little dark one
  • Dermot – free of envy
  • Covey – hound of the plains
  • Conry – king of the hounds
  • Miles – merciful
  • Finnegan – son of fair haired
  • Cody – helpful
  • Brady – spirited
Irish beer names for dogs - Guinness and Basset Hound

Irish beer names for dogs

What about naming your puppy after a favourite tipple…

> Guinness – brewed in Dublin, this stout is one of Ireland’s most famous exports. It needs no introduction

> Beamish – another popular Irish stout that is brewed in Cork

> Murphy – from Murphy’s, another Cork brewed stout

> Kilkenny (or just Kenny) – a classic Irish red ale, brewed by Guinness in Dublin

> Caffrey – taken from Caffrey’s, a once-popular premium Irish ale that’s now very hard to get hold of

> Bailey – ok, Baileys is not a beer, but an Irish cream liquor that generally gets broken out at Christmas, that you have to keep away from grandma!


Hopefully, that’s given you a good idea of the best Irish names for dogs and their meanings, whether it be for a boy or girl.

There really are some lovely names to choose from here and bound to be one suitable for your new pooch.

Do you have any favourites? Please let us know in the comments below.

Still looking for a name? Check out our dog names section for even more ideas.

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