How Much is a Vizsla Dog?

How €ŒMuch €Œis€Œ €Œa€Œ €ŒVizsla Dog?

How much is a Vizsla dog? Vizslas are not expensive dogs, especially when compared to other large breeds. However, taking the costs and requirements of a breed into account is a crucial step before deciding to welcome one into your household. So, how much is a Vizsla dog? If you decide to purchase either a … Read more

Can Labradors Swim Naturally?

Can Labradors swim naturally

Can Labradors swim naturally? Maybe. It really depends on your dog. There is an assumption that Labradors are some of the best swimmers in the canine world and love being in the water. This then leads to expectations over the personalities and abilities of our dogs. Is this label justified? Are Labradors natural swimmers or … Read more