At What Age Does a Vizsla Calm Down?

At what age does a Vizsla calm down

The Vizsla is a high-energy and excitable breed. Like other breeds, this can cause problems if their behaviour isn’t controlled and managed correctly. Generally, Vizslas will calm down as they age. Vizslas are a strong hunting breed and require lots of exercise. They need to be taken for walks daily and should have a place … Read more

How Much is a Vizsla Dog?

How €ŒMuch €Œis€Œ €Œa€Œ €ŒVizsla Dog?

How much is a Vizsla dog? Vizslas are not expensive dogs, especially when compared to other large breeds. However, taking the costs and requirements of a breed into account is a crucial step before deciding to welcome one into your household. So, how much is a Vizsla dog? If you decide to purchase either a … Read more